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Jewelry Sri Lanka

jewelry sri lanka

Explore godsend:Sri Lanka Gem City

Originally Jewelry is a kind of ornament, what is affordable for wearing what is better. Unfortunately, the equivalent of these things too much wealth in the face of the people are always ready to make trouble, so can there be in Sierra Leone, “Blood Diamond.” Fortunately, the longest in the body after the Asian civil war in Sri Lanka, although 90% of the territory of this country are produced in the distribution of the parent rock gem (a high degree of crystallization of the Precambrian metamorphic rocks), but the LTTE’s lair — the northern Jaffna peninsula, but fortunately, there is no gem mine.

Precious stones, such as cabbage

Thus, just as calm as Dasan and beaches, Sri Lanka’s gem also turbulent and bloody deeds. Because the stones are widely distributed, and everywhere one can try his luck. Located 64 kilometers southeast of the capital, Colombo, high mountains of the Ratnapura (in Sinhalese Ratnapura, the “Rat” is a “gem” means, “Couple” is the “city” together is ” Gem City “), we ate the car surprised – many competing out into your hand in front of the hands of spread of the parcel, the full of colorful, after a rough gem. These stones usually only one or two carats, but to know of these barefoot hawkers, is seeking tens of dollars of business.

Sri Lanka’s gem mining dating back more than 2,500 years of history. The parent rock containing precious stones are water washed away the precious stones mixed with sand, gravel and clay, the spread in the riverbed, wetland, farmland, or foot of the mountain, usually 1.5 m depth to 18 meters. Mining treasures be divided into three kinds of ways, mostly in the mountains, rock mining, mining of precious stones out of larger particles, but the more difficult; dug wells and river mining much more common, but after a long river transportation, gem size than the small.

In the Ratnapura divided into two ancient river bed of the Carew gave birth to one third of the gems of this country, but also making it Asia’s largest gem mine. Exclusive Museum of Natural History in New York is currently the world’s largest sapphire, weighing 563 karats of “Star of India” (Star of India) came from here. The early 80s, there has also produced over a 362 karats of the world’s third largest sapphire, “Sri Lanka’s Star”, as a national treasure, concealed in the Colombo National Museum.

Since it is a godsend, good fortune naturally get people a hard time. Although the Ratnapura everywhere on the streets, wearing the head or hands Kam Po of the condenser tube of the people, but the real gem is a rare boutique. According to locals, said some people dug a three-nothing, some people dug the first month of 10,000 U.S. dollars worth of goods. It is precisely because the harvest dredging totally unexpected gems, each mine has its own shrine, the official excavation of the mine owners should go to their temple incense before the prayer, each worker must work underground before the hands together, silently praying, and even the screen day of ore have to select “auspicious.”

On the treasure hunt, where there is one I do not know the authenticity of the scripts: One day, a jeweler in the country saw a woman bathing in the river with stones Cabei, 1:00 stare. Then regardless of verbal abuse, put forward the other side is willing to spend lots of money to buy a piece of stone used Cabei. Several rounds of bargaining, until the 135 dollars Fang Cai deal. Sapphire stone processing out of the value of 16,000 U.S. dollars.

In fact, a more realistic story is far more amazing scripts. In 1997, a 14-year-old girl with his father to the mines to help, accidentally dug a 850 karats of sapphires, was identified market 200 million U.S. dollars. Expression of patriotism in this country was genuine – girls will gem donated to the National Museum, this was also summoned by the president.

In fact Sri Lanka’s gem resources are unlikely to always maintain the strong momentum in recent years the government has carried out a number of rivers and phase control to prohibit the exploitation of large-scale machinery. From the land owners, investors, machinery suppliers to the miners to the gem mining on them is just a product, they expect nothing but the final split into partnership, in which the landlord can get 20%.

With the large-scale mining and exports in recent years, Sri Lanka’s gem resources are consumed. The end of 2008, high-quality sapphire prices have from the beginning of about 400 U.S. dollars per carat rose to more than 500 U.S. dollars. This has even caused by lower-quality sapphire in Sri Lanka of Madagascar, after processing, was posing as a local sapphire export.


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